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There are many bird fanciers who consider this the handsomest plumaged of all birds and the color is so strangely mottled that it is frequently called the "painted bunting." The color of the bird is difficult to describe, but we may say that he has a violet head and neck with a red circle around the eyes; the back yellowish green and the throat and breast are bright red. He is about the same size as the German canary and requires the same cage, food and treatment except that he is especially fond of mealworms, grasshoppers and insects.

The bird seed best suited for him is canary and millet in equal proportions. He has a low, sweet song though not equal to German canaries, still it is greatly admired, being a melodious warble. They are easily domesticated and soon become contented to cage life. They can be bred with the canary but do not make a really desirable cross. They have very few diseases and require the same cures as are recommended for the canary.