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Nice names for your bird

Nice names for your birdI frequently have inquiries for nice and appropriate names for canaries, parrots and other birds, and are glad to suggest here the following names, hoping that it will be the means of keeping some of our readers from naming all their canaries "Dick" and their parrots "Polly," as seems an almost universal custom.

Here are some nice bird names to name your bird after: Albert, Alfie, Charlie, Barney, Robbie, Robin, Tom, Pedro, Mack, Dickie, Bo-peep, Jimmie, Jack, Harry, Bobbie, Bennie, Don, Ely, Fred, Jerry, Butter-cup, Baby, Pinky, Polly, Belle, Bessie, Carrie, Googles, Nellie, Flora, Topsy, Trudy, Beauty, Bubbles, Joy, Kittie, Mollie, May, Gladys, Fanny, Merry, Totty, Daisy, Posy, Katie, Brownie, Pipp, Dot, Ditto, Biddie, Emma, Nettie, Jacko, Mid­get, Sweetie, Cap, Roxie.