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Mexican Red Head Parrot

These birds are found in great numbers throughout central Mexico as far north as Monterey, and sometimes they are found up to the Rio Grande River. They may well be called the pets of the parrot family, as they- are of a quiet, gentle disposition, very tame and easily handled by anyone, so that it is a pleasure to teach them.

They are not as large as the Double Yellow Head being usually only about nine or ten inches long.. They greatly resemble the Double Yellow Head in general color, being of a lively shade of green, except that there is a bright red spot on top of the head in place of the yellow. There is also occasionally a shading of blue on other parts of the bead, which gives a peculiar luster or bril­liancy to this bird's appearance.

It should not, however, be confused with the blue-headed Mexi­can parrot, which is of very little value as to talk­ing ability. They learn very quickly and become remarkable talkers, so that the trained birds are often sold at a high price. They become great favorites in the home, especially as pets for the children, bein- gener­ally considered the smartest of all small parrots.