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The chaffinch is one of the most handsome of the small finches, being distinguished for his bright colors and active habits. They are a very popular cage bird throughout Europe, but comparatively few of them are kept as cage birds in this country. The chaffinch is a native of all parts of Europe, but during the cold season he emigrates to north Africa. The forehead of the male is black; the neck slate color; shoulders and body a reddish brown; back an olive green; the wings black striped with white.

The reason that there are not more of these birds kept in cages is that they sing better when wild in their native habitation than when kept in captivity unless they are taken from the nest when quite small and trained by professional bird trainers, and such birds are expensive.

Their food in the wild state consists of all kinds of insects and seeds. A piece of sweet apple or a little lettuce may be given occasionally as a variety, and they should have an occasional meal worm or some insect to aid digestion and keep them in good song. Ant eggs may also be given occasionally.

The voice of this bird is remarkable for his clear notes and trilling. It is distinguished in this way beyond almost every other bird, approaching very nearly to distinct articulation. They seem to have several different and distinct songs, which are frequently combined or made to follow each other in rotation. It can be taught songs in similar manner to the bullfinch but has not the wide range of notes nor such a faculty for imitation.