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Cartagena parrot

In many parts of the country these birds are known by the name, Single Yellow Heads. They resemble the Mexican Double Yellow Head par­rot in color, but are a trifle smaller and have only a very small spot of yellow on the top of the head, which remains small, never extending down over the head and neck. They are natives of the northwestern part of South America, and are usually imported from the seaport, Cartagena.

They are very quiet and seemingly intelligent, but have not as retentive a memory as the Double Yellow Head, though they closely rival that spe­cies in talking ability, but not in singing. They are regular acrobats in the cage, and seem to delight in funny antics.

Some time ago one of the churches in this city held what they called a bird entertainment, where all the members of the church who kept birds brought their pets and had hung them around the room. We loaned a Cartagena parrot to them, together with some other birds. The com­mittee in thanking us afterwards for the use of the birds, said that they didn't suppose we were going to furnish a parrot and monkey combined, but that the antics of the bird attracted as much attention as what was taking place on the ros­trum.