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This bird is a native of Europe and northern Asia, the best specimens being usually received from Germany, although in northern Russia, Sweden, and other far north sections the birds are much larger in size. The natural tone of the bullfinch is objectionable, and it is only when trained that they are highly valued. They have the faculty, however, of imitating the song of other birds, and also learn readily to pipe a tune, being perhaps superior in this respect to any other bird, their tones being much better when taught from a flute.

It requires time and patience to teach the bullfinch in this way, but he well repays the effort and soon becomes the favorite of most bird fanciers. The German bullfinch is a trifle larger than a canary, having a body about seven inches in length, which is large and well rounded; the beak is short, black and thick; the head, tail, and tips of wings are clear black; the back is a rich brownish gray and it has a crimson breast, his appearance, striking and attractive. When wild the bullfinch forages on the crops and eats the buds of young fruit trees.

In Germany there are many trainers who make a business of training bullfinches, and in their training room they usually have about fifty of these birds. Only one air is taught them until they become quite proficient. The lessons are given several times each day and they are not permitted to hear any other music or any other bird sing, until they can whistle their song perfectly.

A trained bullfinch which can whistle two or three different airs will bring a high price on any market. They are not long lived birds, six to eight years being about the limit.