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Budgie feeding

Undoubtedly the best staple diet for the budgie is millet seeds and canary seeds. Be sure to get these from your pet dealer or seedsman because he specialises in such and won't fail you. A millet spray is greatly appreciated by most budgies, in fact a great pastime for them.

Cuttlefish bone is obtainable from most pet shops and seed stores. A piece should always be available as it is the source of supply of lime which is so necessary when birds are laying eggs and rearing young. Sand of medium grade should be sprinkled over the floor of the house and also supplied in an earthenware vessel. A shelf placed inside the window is a suitable fixture and on this shelf can be placed earthenware or enamel dishes for food and water; the water pot need be only a small affair as budgerigars do not drink or bathe very much; water must, however, be available and fresh daily.

When the feeding dishes are being replenished it is unnecessary to throw out the old seed. It should be "blown" clean by holding the dish at the level of one's mouth, shaking it vigorously from side to side and blowing off the husks; the new seed can then be sprinkled over the old and there will be less waste.