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Bird care

Anyone who keeps a pet owes a duty to the bird to see that it is provided with a house of suitable size for its happiness, and that this house is kept clean and provided with whatever the bird may need for its health and comfort. In another section we have spoken about the selection of a cage.

The cage should be kept clean by washing it with cold water whenever it appears necessary, and it is of the utmost importance to keep gravel or cleanly washed bright sand in the bottom of the cage at all times.

The perches should be scraped frequently so as to keep them clean, but it is not best to wash them unless they are left out of the cage until they are thoroughly dry. The dishes in which the drinking water is kept are very apt to become covered with a slime or fungus growth as well as by lime from the water. By washing them frequently with sand soap they can be kept clean and bright, but should they become so coated with lime from the water that they do not look well, it is best to throw them away and obtain new ones.

The gravel or sand in the bottom of the cage keeps the feet of the bird clean and free from dirt adhering to them, but one of the worst habits we have noticed among bird fanciers is that of putting paper in the bottom of the cage without sand over it. It may look nice, but it is not cleanly in the eyes of the bird at least.

See that the bird is given an opportunity to bathe once a day. Sometimes they do not care to avail themselves of it, but if they should go long without a bath it is well to sprinkle them with a little tepid water.

Canaries require a high degree of warmth on account of the activity of their muscles; the feathers with which they are covered combine the greatest warming power with the least amount of weight. They will do well in the ordinary temperature of the house, but it is well to avoid putting them in any place where they will be exposed to a draught of air, or to sudden changes of temperature. Steam is quite injurious to them and it is therefore well to keep them out of the kitchen.

When sweeping, if there is much dust, cover the cage with a cloth or remove it to some other room.