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Belgian canary

The Belgian canary may well be called the aristocratic member of the canary family, as it has a most peculiar and finely formed head and neck, jutting out in a singular manner from well-formed shoulders and back. Bird breeding in Belgium and Holland has been confined to the shape of the bird instead of trying to obtain superior song, and this is the climax of their labors. To the ordinary observer the bird, looks awkward, but to the trained eye of the bird fancier this peculiar shape is desired, and marks of high breeding in the Belgian bird are everywhere apparent.

These birds are of exceedingly nervous temperament, and should not be caught or handled when it can possibly be avoided. They are usually pure yellow in color, but the color is subordinated to the shape.

The plumage of the shoulders and breast is sometimes ruffled, thus giving it a striking appearance, but most of the birds are smooth. The Belgian Canary can never equal the German in voice, even with the most careful training, its voice being not capable of the great variety of tones which the German birds have. The birds of this breed which are imported are usually half or quarter blooded, which are more hardy than full blooded.