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Apoplexy or brain disease

This frequently occurs and usually comes from terror, anxiety or great excitement, though it is sometimes occa­sioned by improper or very heating food or a sud­den flow of blood to the head.

When thus affect­ed the bird holds its head to the side in a strange manner, turning the eyes about and staggering, twirling about or falling suddenly from the perch. Put cold water on the head and give castor oil as a purgative with plenty of green food or vege­table diet.

In some cases we are inclined to think that parrots die from sheer fright. We know of one instance where two or three parrots were kept in a front show window, and one day a large dog going along the street saw the parrots moving inside and he placed his paws on the window ledge and barked at them. One of the birds fell from the nerch and died in a few moments.